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Hi, I’m Aaron Anastasi,

I am a musician and worship leader who lives in beautiful sunny Southern California.

Since I began leading worship almost 20 years ago I have had countless numbers of people approach me asking if I would teach them guitar and more precisely worship songs.

It seemed that everyone asking me to teach them just wanted to learn so they could learn the songs that I was playing during church or at youth group.

At first, I was a little hesitant because I’m not a traditional music teacher…I can barely read a lick of music!

So I sat down and thought, “how can I teach someone to play guitar in the most practical way so that they can start playing songs as soon as possible?”

Eventually, I realized that I had a knack for teaching because all of my students were picking up the guitar really quickly and within just a a couple of weeks were playing worship songs along with me!


After teaching privately for a while, a light bulb went on in my head and I thought why not use the power of the internet to teach all of these people my system of learning guitar and worship songs.


Introducing Play Worship Guitar

A Truly Step-By-Step Guitar Learning System For Aspiring Christian Guitarists…

The one thing that I spent a lot of time developing was the actual a system that I was teaching people so that they were getting the most out of their time.

My goal was to create a system that speeds up the learning process so you see immediate results

I didn’t want anyone to have to sit in their room practicing boring scales for 5 hours a day.

Because most of my students want to start playing actual worship songs as soon as possible rather than practicing guitar scales all-day long.

Rather than having to put your head in a book and memorize music a theory I wanted everyone I taught to be able to play a song within a day or two of picking up the guitar.


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