Diabetes diet chart



1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet Chart
11:00 AM1 glass of buttermilk1 apple
1:30 PM 
1 cup Mixed Vegetable Salad2 multigrain chapati OR 1 chapati ½ katori brown rice 1 katori Methi Dal 1 katori Bhindi sabji
4:30 PM 
 1 cup Lemon green tea without sugar/honey 0.25 cup Roasted Chana
7:30 PM 
1 katori sprouts salad.   

A person with diabetes diet is a simple balanced diet for diabetes patients, but there are a lot of people under the misconception that a person with diabetes has to eat person with diabetes-only food. In case of people without diabetes, the body adjusts to whatever is eaten, by increasing or decreasing the blood sugar level. But in case of a person with diabetes, extra care has to be taken so that the blood glucose will not rise too much. This also helps the person with diabetes patient to maintain their health, and body shape. It also helps protect the patient from heart and blood vessel related diseases. Research has proven that eating just enough calories, so that all of it burns off at the end of the day is the best way to prevent the onset of a person with diabetes. 

Recommendations of a person with diabetes diet chart are based on a patient's lifestyle, time of medication and the type of activity one is used to. The medication for Type 1 diabetes is different from that of Type 2 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the peak insulin production time is measured and so is how fast different food is metabolized, and thence the food intake is calculated. However in type 2 diabetes, emphasis is on weight loss to utilize the insulin the body produces. Thus learning the basics helps a lot in diet control

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