What should be the diet of diabetics?


Diabetes is a disease that can affect people of any age. This was not the case before because there was no such thing as contaminated food today.

1.   When the digestive system, especially the chromosome gland, does not function properly, it almost always becomes diseased. If you eat more rice, pulses, bread, etc., you will not eat vegetables, fruits, etc., or you will eat less   

2.     Diabetes can be caused by not doing any kind of work or exerciseGlucose is produced as a result of digestion of rice, .bread, etc. that we eat. In this group our body produces heat and energy.

3.When due to any physical deficiency the PC and the fibers are glucose When the ability to absorb is lost, glucose begins to accumulate in the blood And then it comes out of the body through urination. Stress and permanent weakness of the liver Due to this disease .

  4 ·That is why it is called the disease of rich and comfortable people,  

5.Patients with this disease feel lack of energy in the body ,increased level of urine.

6.  If the wound area of ​​the body is created, it does not want to be easy. 

The body's resistance to this disease is reduced.

  • The ants come to the place where the patient urinates / the patient becomes more thirsty / And his body temperature decreases and he becomes dry and there is always a kind of laziness in his body. In this disease, the rules of exclusion are moderate and the path is of special importance.
    If you are taking medicine but not abstaining from any kind of food, then the medicine will not work If the patient is careful about diet and malnutrition, it will not take long for him to recover.
    Eating is the biggest medicine for this disease .Choosing the right food is very important in this disease . Dietary treatment requires patience and restraint.
    Day practice:-First of all, cleanse the stomach, take one tablespoon of triphala with powdered milk or hot water before going to bed at night. 
    Treatment by diet:-In this disease, it is very beneficial to eat vegetables, salads, coriander juice, fenugreek vegetables in the new vegetable oven, vegetable juice, lemon, amla, orange, musumbi lemon, pineapple,
  • Karela    (bitter gourd) Diabetes degree Dela bit bath medicine would soon give Aramco.
    15 grams of curler juice, when mixed with 100 grams of water, can not be more than three months.
    Setting curler juice public position under raw collar.
    Setting Karela's Juice to End Diabetes. Fenugreek     Both fenugreek leaves and fenugreek seeds are beneficial for diabetics. Mithila, grind me very finely and swallow it every day on an empty stomach with two teaspoons of powdered water. This application works well for diabetics. Berry :-Blackberry is one of the best medicines for diabetes. Blackberry beech skin juice and everything in the breath is anti-diabetic.
    Blackberry seasonal should be consumed as long as it is available in the market..Berries are not always available in the market, so its beech is used.Dry and crush the beech and take three grams four to three times a day with water.
    This helps to lower the level of sugar in the urine.   
    Cucumber:Diabetics should not overeat or eat more than they should.     Cucumber should be eaten in case of frequent hunger as a result of eating less than hunger. Cucumber is beneficial for diabetics.

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