How To Beat Addiction And Quit Alcoholism Easily

 You should have the same FUN exiting addiction or alcoholism as you went into it. No stress, no misery, no dread to
overcome your addiction. No uphill battle of self-control against your cravings should be implemented.

Overcoming alcohol abuse or addiction can be approached another way. Call it a head tilt at the problem. You do not need to
go to AA, Rehab, or a Substance Abuse Clinic. In fact, it is better that you go it alone with the “Be Here Now” process - as
presented in the books on this website. Moving out of alcoholism or addiction
SHOULD BE FUN - because that is how you
entered it -
and not a nightmare of fighting your cravings!

The authors of the books listed below do not agree with, and do not apply the methods taught by AA, Rehab, and Substance
Abuse Clinics. One size does not fit all, because
YOU ARE UNIQUE. These organizations are doing their best, but there is a
far better - and easier solution to recover from alcohol abuse or addiction. The authors of the books listed on this website have
found The 12 Step Program to be extremely difficult to adhere to, completely counter-productive, and very damaging to an
addict’s emotional state and well-being.

AA, Rehab, and Substance Abuse Clinics mostly teach conventional copy/paste techniques from the 1930’s by applying The 12
Step Program principles to beat alcoholism and addiction - which has a dismal 5-12% success rate. The Martin Gouws “Be
Here Now” process is completely different, very easy to apply, works fast and effectively, and
has an 85-95% success rate to
overcome alcohol abuse and all forms of addiction! There is no need for sacrifice or endlessly combating your cravings if you
FLOW WITH HUMAN NATURE and do not fight against it. Your cravings will evaporate all by themselves by allowing the
laws of nature to overcome addictive and compulsive behavior for you…


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