Get rid of insomnia in yoga

If insomnia means not being able to sleep, then it is called a disease, then the two parts of this disease are number one. Not being able to sleep at all is number two. This second part of the patient is equally severe as the first, but it results in impossible fatigue and the body becomes very bad. There are four main causes of insomnia. Anxiety and anxiety. Impossible stress. Severe lack of physical exertion. Because gastro n mikel. In other words, indigestion, constipation and hunger, etc. Physical pain pain.By physical exercise and yoga therapy. What are those exercises at home yoga therapy.

It is possible to take proper care of the body by moving all the organs of the body together and this rule is called multi-systematic care. It includes respect system, digestive system, nervous system, hormonal system. You need to learn to take care of the body as well as the mind.
First of all, let's talk about physical exercise. Number one - back arching -tro, 

Touching.Trank trueaking.
Doing these two exercises will solve a lot of sleep problems because we spell energy through such physical exercises. And we get physical fitness. It also has a vein in the back of our house called Jaguar Van. There is a vibration in that vein which causes it to wrinkle and since then a tranquility effect on the body gives a calm feeling. The practice of cutting insomnia between the two physical and mental physical compounds Please .Sarbangasana
Fisheries .
These two yogas bring peace to the body and it is the kind of person who will cut the sleep disturbances and get rid of insomnia. Either we are forced to rest our mind on a word with full concentration, the agitation of the mind decreases and our mind becomes calm.
 Through meditation the mind is completely free of thought and if there is no thought in the mind People's tranquility must come, it has a tranquility effect and the calm mind becomes wide enough to sleep.

One of the most important things to eat and drink is that if you have an impossible eating disorder, your body will suffer from indigestion and insomnia, so learn to rely on natural foods as much as possible to keep your mind and body healthy. Action is the rule of the body
In the case of eating, drinking and sleeping, you have to follow the same rules, you have to eat at the same time every day and you have to sleep at the same time. Stay happey.


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