Spiritual Health is achieved when you feel at peace with life.

 Spiritual Health Affect Your Relationships health's effect  with your spouse and friends: Conquering your physical health

From my perspective, the most important piece affecting our relationships with our loved ones is our physical health. Our physical health affects our mental health and our spiritual health. Our physical health is determined by our life style. This involves our daily diet and our daily activity or the lack there of. If we don't have righteous thinking and discipline, our physical health will suffer dramatically. If we don't live a healthy life style, then we are going to age quickly with poor health physically and mentally. We have to maintain a healthy body and mind in order to be
happy and our happiness determines how well we relate to our loved ones.

It is a snowball effect in that our physical health affects our mental health, which in turns affects our spiritual health. All of this has an effect on our relationship with our loved ones. If we are feeling good about ourselves, then we are going to be more caring and compassionate with our spouses, family and friends. Aside from personal and employment issues, our mental state is closely related to our physical state. So, it benefits us to make every effort to stay healthy physically and mentally. Our physical and mental health will help us deal better with any stressful situation that may arise from our daily interactions. Keep in mind that time is not on your side because if you are procrastinating as to when you are going to start some form of exercise and make changes in your life style, you are kidding yourself. The longer you put off getting your body and mind in shape, the worse your situation is going to get. The healthier you are mentally, the healthier you will be in your daily interactions.

 Dear Future Reiki Master,

     Let me start by asking you this simple question...

   How long have you dreamt of becoming a Skilled Healer with the Ability to Heal Yourself and   Others? A Reiki Master?

 Well, if you’re like most people with the same dream, you’re likely to answer by saying you’ve always dreamt about learning the arts of Reiki.

But, there are only two things stopping you..Time And Money!

Look anywhere, you’ll find many ways of learning Reiki, including Internet Courses and Local Reiki Classes among others...

All of which have something in common, they charge Thousands of Dollars...and require years of dueling training to get Certified.

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