Beauty Food Bible - Brand New With High Epcs

Beauty foods Bible New with high Epcs
 However, they have emerged as a new category, now that our understanding of their benefits for our skin has become more clear. One of the best ways to get an idea of what to eat for beauty is to look at what manufacturers are putting into their cosmetic products. There is so much food being put into them that they are sometimes even called "cosmeceutricals" or "nutricosmetics". There are skincare products containing added antioxidants, vitamins, omega-3 oils, minerals; yet all these things are found in abundance in everyday foods.One of my favorite beauty foods, for instance, is cabbage. Nothing particularly glamorous about cabbage, I agree, but it is packed with skin-friendly goodies at a fraction the cost we pay for the same things in skincare formulations. Green leafy vegetables, brightly colored vegetables, and tea - especially white and green tea - are all similarly packed with antioxidants known to improve the condition of the skin.

The same goes for oils. Take sardines, for instance, another humble food, but one that is packed with omega-3 oils vital for healthy, glowing skin. Beans (high in zinc) and eggs, garlic and onions (high in sulfur) all deliver specific benefits for the skin at a fraction the cost of the same ingredients when present in the tiny quantities provided in specially-formulated skincare products.
You'll notice that the things we are advised to eat for beautiful skin -- fresh fruits, a variety of vegetables, oily fish like sardines and salmon, plus beans, eggs, and good hydration -- are also basic to being healthy and having abundant energy. 

There is nothing surprising about that. The skin is one of the organs of the body (actually, the biggest) and it has similar needs as the rest of the organs. Like the rest of the body, it needs to be protected from free radicals and inflammation, and to be provided the basic building blocks that enable it to create new, healthy cells.The rest of the body is nourished via the mouth. The skin can be nourished in just the same way. It helps the skin when we make sure we are eating a diet rich in skin-friendly ingredients. Then our beauty program can become a lot more effective, and a lot simpler. Once the basics are in place, we have an inside program that builds healthy, beautiful skin. It is then easy to supplement it with an outside program that comprises a good cleanser, moisturizer, toner, and exfoliant. Once the basics are right, there is usually no need for more than that.

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