Bow Legs Positions - More Ancient Positions to Drive Her Wild

In today's world, everything happens at a fast pace. Whether it is driving or merely stopping for a chat with a friend, we find that there is not enough time to fit everything in. Unfortunately, this is the same with sexual intercourse. We tend to rush through this without much thought.

In ancient eastern cultures, sexual congress was seen as an extension of spiritualism on the way to enlightenment. Sex positions were mainly based on yogi positions, and were devised to provide stimulation and orgasms for both partners. This was a great way to secure loyalty between partners.

Here are a few great Ananga Ranga sex positions that will provide both you and your partner with great orgasms.

The Bow

Here, the woman lies in a sitting position on the bed, propped up with pillows under her hips, back and neck. As her pelvis is now lifted, and her body in the shape of a bow, the man gathers the woman's legs in his arms, and moves in on his knees to enter her. A great position of clitoral or G-spot stimulation and orgasm.

The Elixir

In this position, the woman lies on the bed and lifts her legs until her knees reach her shoulders. The man moves and penetrates her while squatting on both feet. He places both his hands under her lower back, while she rests her ankles around his shoulders and wraps her arms around his neck. There is no thrusting here, but rather a backward and forward rocking motion, which is great for G-Spot stimulation.

The Gaining RestraintThe woman sits on the bed with a cushion under her buttocks to raise her level. The man sits in front of her. She then wraps her legs around his legs and back. The man then wraps his legs around her waist and enters her. He then places his hands around her neck and on her shoulders, and rocks her backwards and forwards.

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