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Have you ever thought of dreaming the way you want to? Did you know that we can actually control our dreams? 

Yes, that's possible. Have you heard about lucid dreams? Well, let me introduce you to the world of dreams where you can fly to your land of imagination and fantasies.

Defining Lucid Dreams

Lucid dream, also called conscious dream, is a state of mind where a person is dreaming but is also aware of his/her dreams and can actually sense the progress of the dream. When a dreamer is in a state of lucidity, he can as well participate in the dream sequences as well as manipulate all the fantasies that they are experiencing. A lucid dream is often real and dramatic and is highly dependent on one's self-awareness while dreaming lucid.

Lucid dreams are generally persuaded by certain cue that specifies to one that he/she is actually dreaming and it's not reality. However, cues aren't an integral part of lucid dreams and one might just start dreaming spontaneously without any such indication. The concept of this form of dreams is very simple, but it requires patience and determination as well for a person to attain it.

People are mostly unaware of the difference between lucid dreams and the techniques of controlling dream. Controlling dream does not necessarily mean that one is experiencing lucid dreams; lucid dreams might occur might not be controllable at times.

    The Beginning of Lucid Dream
Lucid dreams can take off in either of these two ways :

    A dream-initiated lucid dream or DILD, which begins as a regular dream and continues the same way, thus making it evident that the dreamer has been dreaming.
    A Wake-initiated dream or WILD, which begins when the person is normally awake and then slips into a state of dream.

The concept of lucid rams is now a scientifically proven fact and has been well established. 

How to Lucid Dream?

Many people have had an experience of lucid dreams in their life and it commonly occurs during childhood.  Children are likely to have lucid dreams effortlessly than the adults. Lucid dreaming is definitely a conditioned ability and can and cannot be achieved very easily by everyone despite training. But many new techniques have been developed today to induce lucid dreams with intent. Noted herein are some of the most potent techniques to assist you in having lucid dreams:
Prepare Yourself Mentally
Mental preparation is very essential for having lucid dreams. This step must include your correct mental foundation and the development if a proper mental framework that can possibly maximize the rate of success.

In order to have lucid dreams you must first identify whether you actually want to have it or not. You must also raise your level of confidence and try to realize the importance of lucid dreams in your life. After getting all the answers to your questions from your conscience, you can proceed, but you must be optimistic and have no skepticism in mind. Instead you should believe in what you are going to do and have confidence in yourself and your belief as well. 

Dream Recall Techniques

Being able to remember the dreams can actually contribute to lucid dreaming; this could be one's first step towards a lucid dream. The more you can recall what you've dream of, the better would be your awareness. You must work hard towards increasing your dream recalling capacity in order to maximize the relevance of your lucid dreams. You can improve your dream recalling capability by remaining still even after waking up.

You can try some of these tips to enhance your dream recalling skills

       Stay still while you wake up. Do not move.
    Wake up slowly. This will help you in remembering what you dream of. Your mind needs to focus on your dream.
    Allow you mind to flow. Your thoughts should not be occupied else where as you will wake up. Instead you should try to flow along with the dreams.
    Have a dream checklist and recall in your mind. You might sometimes be unable to recall your dream at one shot. In that case, you need to run a mental checklist. Let your mind do the checking and sorting and you must include everything in this checklist, people, places, activities, foods, music, odor etc.
    Roll back and forth. Think and try to question yourself in case if you've missed out on anything.
    Different sleeping postures help in remembering your dreams, so try sleeping in different postures before you actually wake up. But the best posture would be the same as your lucid dream state. If you've woken on your left, try to recall whatever you can and only then you should change your posture.
    Try hard. It can sometimes be very difficult for you to recall everything, so you must not give up. Instead try and try very hard till the time you achieve maximum success.

Maintain your dream journal

It really helps if you can maintain a journal where you can note down everything that you've dream of in the past few days, weeks and months. The more you can write down what you've dream of, the better would be your recall process; the two are interlinked.  Also while writing about your lucid dreams, you must use "present tense" instead of past tense, it will help you in recalling the dream incidents fast.

Apart from these, you can also try some of these techniques-

Follow Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

This technique is quite common for inducing lucid dreams and Stephen LaBerge was the developer, who believed in inducing lucid dreams with intent, while one is fast falling asleep, to recall as well as recognize that one is dreaming.

Cycle Adjustment Technique or CAT
This technique was initiated by Daniel Love and is also another effective way of inducing lucid dreams. This technique allows the person to adjust his sleep cycle to persuade awareness in the latter stages of sleep. Initially, a person must wake up 90 minutes before his usual time to adjust and then things will sail smooth.

Apart from all these techniques, you can also use lucid dream supplements and induction devices to begin lucid dreaming. However, it is better to be patient and aware about your dreams and that will assist you in easy lucid dreaming.

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